Uffizi Gallery Florence Guided tours

The Uffizi houses one of the richest art collections and renowned in the world. Through the long corridors and the magnificent frescoed rooms of this museum is a veritable journey in Italian art. Starting from magnificent altarpieces by Giotto and Cimabue, are witnessing the invention of perspective in the works of Masaccio, then move on to the sublime poetry of Botticelli and Leonardo's scientific vision. The tour culminates with the masterpieces by Raphael, Michelangelo and Titian and disruptive realism of Caravaggio's canvases. Timetables, reservations and guided tours of the Gallery of the Palazzo degli Uffizi.

Address: Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Florence
Business hours: From Tuesday to Sunday, 8.15 - 18.50 Closing hours: Mondays, new year's day, 1 may, Christmas - The ticket office closes at 18.05
Web: http://www.polomuseale.firenze.it/
Tel: 055 238 8651 - 055 294883
Ticket: Full ticket: € 6,50 - Reduced ticket: € 3,25
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To complete the visit:

1. Vasari Corridor:
Privacy, discreet and secure connection between Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti, the Vasari corridor, in addition to offering an extraordinary view over Florence houses the most important collection in the world of self-portraits of artists.
Special opening of the Vasari corridor € 24,00 per person.
Minimum 15 pax Maximum 25 pax

2. Boat trip on the Arno River:
Climbing on one of the small boats used at one time by sand diggers, you have the extraordinary opportunity to admire Florence from an unusual point of view, delving into the history of the town and its bridges.
Ticket € 12,00 p.p. (navigation is possible from June to September. In case of rain the tour cannot be carried out.)
Minimum 15 pax Maximum 25 pax

The itinerary can be made every day from Tuesday to Sunday, both morning and afternoon
Maximum 25 pax.
Tour duration: 3 hours

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Uffizi Gallery Florence Guided tours